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ENeRGI provides support and information for people who have experienced, or are experiencing, mental health and/or substance misuse issues as well as their carers by providing a Drop-In Centre, Outreach Support and a Housing Support Service.

We are a Registered Scottish Charity  established in 1995 and since then have and continue to grow and develop successful, dynamic, responsive and much needed services.


Our aim is to offer support and information to all who feel they require it. We strive to be accessible at the time and point of need. 


We achieve this by:

  • Enabling open, positive communication and building therapeutic relationships.
  • Promoting the understanding of mental health issues
  • Creating and providing opportunities that encourage positive self development, individual empowerment, involvement, recovery and good mental health - these are our core values.
  • Assisting people to make the life choices and changes that they want. 
  • Offering varied and individually tailored opportunities for volunteering, for education and training and for supported work.



We are committed to equality of treatment and opportunity and recognise the impact of the barriers of stigma, lack of understanding and intolerance.


We have created an environment that is warm, positive and fun, where individuals can develop positive relationships and where they are valued and respected.


The members and service users are involved in all stages of the planning, administration and development of ENeRGI and the services it provides. This ensures our services respond to and develop according to the needs of service users.


We strive to meet high standards, best practice and to deliver a quality service. We regularly monitor and evaluate our services to improve their delivery. Service users, carers and partnership agencies are involved in these processes and we are Inspected by The Care Inspectorate so ensuring standards are maintained and continually improved. ENeRGI works to the codes of practice set out by The Scottish Social Services Council.



ENeRGI is part of the local community and as such participates and works with a variety of individuals, groups, agencies and organisations in the statutory and voluntary sectors sectors. 


We strive to build solid working relationships to ensure we can work effectively with other bodies in the interests of our members, the people who use our services and our local community. This can involve looking at gaps in services available and ensuring good co-ordination in service development. Consultation and representation mean the people who use services can use their experience to improve service provision for individuals in the future.


We work within the local community to educate, inform and raise awareness about mental health issues, so promoting positive mental health and recovery by challenging stereotypes and tackling stigma and discrimination. We are a well established organisation with a proven track record.

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